Get Out of my &%*#@ DM's!!!

Ahhhh, the peculiar world of the internet, and social media, in particular. This artificial alternate universe in which complete strangers have no problem approaching you and say things they absolutely would never say if meeting for the first time face…

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The Myth and Allure of "Off Leash"

If you talk to many dog owners, at the top of their "wish list" is to have "off leash" compliance and reliabilty in their dogs.  Simply put, they want their dogs to follow their "commands," come when called, and…

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Just Shut Up and Train!

The bickering and bantering back and forth between the so-called "balanced trainers" community and so-called "positive trainers" community has gotten worse than the Miley Cyrus vs. Nicki Minaj Twitter wars.  And if you have never heard of Miley Cyrus or…Read more

Do Dogs Really Love Us "Unconditionally?"

I know we certainly like to say they do, but do they really? First, let’s examine “unconditional love.” It’s defined as the act of loving fully, unabashedly and beyond any limitations. It is a love that knows no bounds, is…Read more

What Is a "Dog Person"

~As published in the Stafford County Sun, May 8, 2015

According to the 2012 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook, over 36% of households in the United States own dogs. Because many are multi-dog households, that translates into over 43…Read more

'Twas The Night Before The Rally Trial

  'Twas the Night Before The Rally Trial (mega condensed version)

'Twas the night before the rally trial and all through the facility, all students had left the building, even those crazy for agility. 

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There's No Crying In Dog Sports

By Laurie C. Williams CPDT-KA
  Or getting angry (especially at your dog), or throwing a tantrum and storming off, or blaming everyone and everything other than your lack of practice, training, and/or ring readiness. And yet it seems I…Read more

What a Doggy Day Care Should and Shouldn't Be

Dr. Patricia McConnell recently wrote a blog examining the concept of doggy day care, and even though it prompted a barrage of comments from readers berating and admonishing the very concept, I am so glad she wrote it.  As an…Read more

Training Is A Journey, Not a Destination

This past weekend was the yearly Fredericksburg Pet Show held at the Fredericksburg Expo Center in Central Park.  Because it's our area's only full scale pet expo, we not only set up a Pup 'N Iron information booth, but we…Read more