The below is a list of class various class offerings that may appear on our schedule.  
Please check the monthly schedule for the start dates of our specialty classes beginning during the month.


All the classes listed below are specialized classes and are not included in our Flexible Training Program.
Competition Obedience & Rally
Focus/Attention/Heeling - This 6 week, intensive class utilizes drills, exercises and games to help fine tune your heeling and attention for ring performance and teamwork whether it's competition obedience or rally. Also includes practice for proofing skills necessary for obedience and rally exercises including stays, recalls, fronts & finishes and stand for examination.
Fee: $175
Ring Ready Competition Obedience - This 6 week class include exercises to enhance your dog's competition ring experience. Includes pre and post ring prep, entering and exiting the ring, set up, progression from one exercise to the next. 
Fee: $175
Int/Advanced Rally Obedience This 6 week is a continuation of beginner rally and introduces more advanced exercises leading to running a course completely off leash. 
Fee: $175
ARF - The "A" is for AGILITY, the "R" is for Rally, and the "F" is for FUN! this exciting class is a combination of both rally and agility exercises to make for an exciting and challenging obstacle course! Jumps, tunnels, recalls, tricks and other obedience exercises to keep your dog engaged and focused!  Prerequisite - Dogs should be reliable off leash. Fee: $175


Beginning Agility -  This 6 week class is for dogs new to agility training and with the focus on an introduction and developing agility obstacle confidence (jumps, tunnels, and low contact obstacles) in a positive atmosphere.  Pre-requisite: Level 3 basic manners/obedience or equivalent.  Dogs should be able to work off leash in the presence of other people/dogs and show no people or dog aggression.  
Fee: $175
Int/Advanced Agility - A continuation for dogs that have gained confidence on all obstacles and have progressed to obstacle sequencing and running courses. Fee: $175
Urban Dog/Community Canine - So you and your dog have taken the basic classes?  Now it's time to put your skills to the test in real life situations!  This 6 week class meets in different locations out and about town each week and challenges dogs and handlers to showcase all the skills they've learned around the distractions of real life, unfamiliar environments and every day, practical situations that can occur.  We will proof your dog's attention & focus, loose leash walking, "leave it," wait, stays, and politely greeting strangers.  Each week is new, different and fun!  At the end of the 6 weeks dogs will take the AKC Urban Dog and/or Community Canine Certification test.
Pre-requisite: Completion of Level 3/CGC or equivalent
Fee: $175
Performance Puppy Class - A relationship building class for puppies, age 3 to 9 months, using food, toys and other motivators to help your puppy develop eyes for you only.  Included are clicker fundamentals, basic obedience and manners behaviors, heeling and crate games.  Targeting, playing tug and handling basics will also be introduced as well as platform work, balance exercises, rear-end awareness and  agile maneuvers using a ball, planks, cavalettis, wobble boards, hoops, and more! 6 Weeks.
Fee: $175
Dogs Needing Space/Reactive Dog Class - Does your dog lunge and bark when he sees strangers or other dogs? Is your dog fearful of being out in public?  Does your dog bark and chase cars? Skateboards? Bikes? Loud noises?  Then this class is for you! In this class we will show you how to calm and manage your dog's reactive behavior. Included are both private and group training sessions. 8 weeks
Fee: $450
Dog Parkour - Looking for a fun class to build your dog's confidence? Dog Parkour, aka "urban agility" is a class in which dogs learn to interact and maneuver through a series obstacles in their environment.  Behaviors such as getting on, getting off, crawling under, jumping over, and going around (in both directions), are just some of the things your dogs will lean.  The perfect activity for your budding canine athlete! Fee: $175
Trick Dog Class - Looking for some new challenges and ways to have fun with your dog? Try our 6 week trick dog class! Using a training method used on a variety of species from horses to dolphins, clicker training offers a fun way to communicate with your dog. The ‘click’ sound lets your dog know exactly when they’ve got the right answer. It also speeds up learning and helps your dog understand complex tasks easier.  Go beyond basics with tricks like: Shake a paw/or High five, Spin/Twirl, Bang (play dead) beg, crawl, rollover, touch, and more while earning AKC and/or Do More With Your Dog Trick Dog Titles!  
Pre-requisite: Completion of Basic Manners/Level 2 or equivalent.
Fee: $175