Snappy and Pepa ready for a dip in the pool!

We are not called Pup 'N Iron™ by accident.  As a certified Personal Trainer, group exercise, Yoga, Cycling and Strength Training Instructor for over a decade, I worked in human fitness facilities and long to unite my two passions in life by creating a similar facility for dogs.   We live busy, hectic lives and as a result don't always get the amount of exercise we need to remain healthy and vibrant.  Well, our dogs are no different.  They need exercise in order to remain both physically and mentally balanced.  With that in mind, we have developed a special and unique fitness training program to help improve your dog's cardiovascular health, balance, core strength and muscular endurance while promoting healthy weight management incorporating elements of canine sports medicine, dog sports foundation training and physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques.


With nearly 50% of dogs affected, canine obesity is a huge problem here in the U.S.  Just like us, dogs carrying excess weight are at a much greater risk for a multitude of illness and orthopedic problems such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and joint dysplasia.  Overfeeding is an issue, but the truth is most dogs just don't get near the exercise they need for optimal function.  Take your dog for a walk everyday?  That's definitely commendable, but unfortunately in many cases it's still not enough, especially for breeds that were literally bred to run, swim, hunt and guard all day long.  Your dog attend daycare?  Again, that's a great start, but the truth of the matter is, just like humans, a dog's body will also grow accustomed to the same physical activity all the time.  Playing with another dog may be great fun, but after a while a dog's body will adjust and the calorie expenditure will decrease.


We've all heard this saying, and certainly a tired dog is less likely to act out, but being tired alone is not necessarily a gauge of overall fitness.  That involves incorporateing cardiovascular exercise, muscular strength and endurance exercise, and flexibility exercise into your regular program.


THE CROSS PAWS℠ PROGRAM -  A safe, effective and controlled exercise program.

1) Measurable - We start by creating a baseline of your dog's fitness so that we can measure and document progress.
2) Cardiovascular Exercise - Jog A Dog Treadmill, Nature Hikes, Hydrotherapy Swimming
3) Muscular Strength and Endurance Exercise - Hydrotherapy Swimming, Agility Drills, Core Strength and Balance Exercises using Fit Paws equipment, wobble boards, ladders, cavalettis, etc
4) Flexibility Exercise - Doga and Stretching Exercises
5) Muscular Recovery - Massage and Body Work

Nutritional Counseling

With the multitude of dog foods available, it's hard to know exactly what and how much you should be feeding your dog.  Along with your veterinarian, we can help develop a nutrition regimen that will promote healthy weight management for your dog.


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