Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that should be helpful.  If you have additional questions and concerns, feel free to contact us.

Q: What are the risks of daycare and what about dog fights?

A: All dogs admitted to Pup 'N Iron doggie day care have undergone an initial temperament assessment evaluating the dog's propensity for aggressive behavior, play style, and reaction to different stressors and triggers.  However no evaluation is full proof.  The Pup 'N Iron staff is equipped with the skills to handle dog fights, but are also trained to prevent dog fights from occurring by extinquishing potentially volatile before they escalate.

Dogs play hard, therefore the risk of cuts, scrapes, and scratches, will be ever present.  Per our waiver, if your dog injures another dog, you are financially responsible for that injury. If your dog is injured through normal dog play, you are financially responsible for your dog's injuries.

Q: How are dogs disciplined during day care?

A: At Pup 'N Iron we are committed to non-violent methods of discipline, restraint and management.  Dogs that are displaying negative or potentially aggressive behavior are separated from the pack and placed in a time-out.   This is usually done in an adjacent room where they are isolated from the rest of the pack until they have calmed down.  We also employ the use of water bottles to curb behavior and manage crowd control.  In potentially volatile situations, the use of citronella spray may be utilized for immediate crowd disbursement.  Citronella is completely harmless to dogs, but they don't like the smell. 

Any dog that displays repeated aggressive behavior or causes intentional physical harm to another dog will be removed from day care.

Q: How will daycare affect my dog's potty training?

A: Dogs are discriminating and do not generalize very well, meaning your dog's behavior is very specific to the situation and environment he is in.  If your dog is already potty trained, dog day care will not affect it in any way.  The Pup 'N Iron daycare will take your dog out for frequent potty breaks, but don't be alarmed if your dog has an accident at Pup 'N Iron, we're not!  Because of the smells and activities, dogs do not view a doggy day care as "inside," but rather view it as a big, wonderful outdoor park!  After all, isn't that what you want?

Q: What if my dog is injured or gets sick?

A: Even normal dog play could result in some type of injury.  While this is not common, it can happen, and if it does you will be notified immediately.  

If your dog's injuries require immediate vet care, we will transport your dog to the closest vet. You will need to call this vet to give them permission to treat. All medical costs will be assumed by you.  Please refer to our waiver for more details.

Q: What is kennel cough, what do you do about it, and can my dog get it?

A:Canine infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough) is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases in dogs. Fortunately, the majority of cases are not serious, and resolve on their own in one to two weeks. The main cause of kennel cough is the airborne bacteria, bordetella bronchiseptica. A dog with kennel cough will develop a coarse, dry, hacking cough about five to ten days after being infected. It sounds as if the dog needs to "clear its throat," and the cough will be triggered by any extra activity, drinking water, or being exposed to a change of temperature or level of exercise. Many dogs that acquire kennel cough will cough every few minutes, all day long. They will wretch and sometimes vomit a white foamy looking matter. Their general state of health and alertness are usually not affected, they usually have no rise in temperature, and do not loose their appetite.

Even in the most hygienic, well ventilated, spacious dog facilities, the possibility of a dog acquiring kennel cough exists. Kennel cough can be acquired from your neighbor's dog, from a champion show dog at a dog show, from the animal hospital where your dog just came in for treatment of a cut paw, from the sidewalk where an infected dog walked earlier.  In other words, kennel cough can be picked up anywhere dogs are present. 

The signs of kennel cough usually will last from seven to 21 days and can be very annoying for the dog and the dog's owners. If you suspect your dog has kennel cough, please isolate your dog and seek medical advice from your veterinarian.  Isolation is of utmost importance.  Do not take your dog to public places, and above all, keep your dog at home until you receive a written confirmation from your veterinarian that your dog's condition is no longer contagious.  Please note: At Pup 'N Iron we rely on our clients' honesty in informing us about their dog's medical condition and if he has been diagnosed or is being treated for any contagious illness.  We do hope that all our patrons and clients have respect and concern for not only their own dog, but for the health and welfare of all the dogs and will avoid putting any other dogs at risk.