Water exercise is the perfect activity for dogs of all ages.  It provides a non weight bearing activity that avoids all the stresses and strains of higher impact movement on the ground.  Warm water provides a soothing effect, improves circulation and encourages greater mobility and range of motion in sore, stiff and arthritic joints.

Hydrotherapy is proven to be beneficial for numerous conditions:

Hip and elbow dysplasia

Spinal injuries and paralysis

Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)

Cruciate ligament problems

Post operative muscle regeneration and maintenance

Sprains and breaks

Relief of pain, swelling, arthritis and stiffness

Obesity and weight management

Improvement of circulation and joint mobility

Even more, water exercise is great for overall general fitness and conditioning for the family dog and the canine athlete.


About our state of the art pool
After nearly a year of research we settled on the absolute best pool we could find to serve our canine water therapy clients. Our facility features an 8x20-foot fiberglass pool, with a 24-hour circulating pump and four adjustable swim jets, the only one of its kind in northern Virginia. The pool is tested regularly for water balance and is equipped with an oversize filtering system and is heated to 88-92 degrees.  Ours is the only pool specifically designed for warm water hydrotherapy in the area.

All Therapeutic Supervised Swim Sessions are supervised by a trained hydrotherapy technician certified by Laurie Williams, a certified acquatics instructor and former veterinary technician.  All dogs pre and post surgery must be cleared by their veterinarian and undergo an initial introductory swim training session (whether they know how to swim or not) in which he/she will be fitted with a harness or life jacket flotation device to ensure safety and be introduced to our pool and equipment.  Your dog will be taught how to enter and exit the pool safely.  This will also allow us to  determine your dog's fitness level so that we can provide the safest, most effective swim therapy/exercise program for him.


Initial training session ..$60.00 
Initial training each additional dog/same family.....$20.00

15 Minute Assisted Swim Session ... $22.00
30 Minute Assisted Swim Session - $40.00
60 Minute Assisted Swim - $75.00

Frequent Swim Punch Cards*
5 Punch 15 Minute Swim Card ....... $100.00
5 Punch 30 Minute Swim Card (in pool assistant).......$190.00
(top side assistant) ........................$165.00

10 Punch 15 Minute Swim Card .......$180.00
10 Punch 30 Minute Swim Card (in pool assistant) .....$350.00
(top side assistant) ......................$320.00
(*Punch cards valid 6 months from date of purchase)

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