Have a new puppy?  Go no further!  You will not find a more innovative, comprehensive and money saving program for your pup!  For puppies 5 months of age and younger (upon starting), we offer a special Puppy Kindergarten Training and Program aimed specifically for very young puppies.  In this program, your puppy will be able to attend training class up to THREE TIMES a week where we will introduce all the basic manners and practical behaviors to build a foundation for a well trained dog, and also spend time on social learning, where your dog will learn positive interactions with other dogs his/her own age. Obedience and manners behaviors is very important, but early successful socialization for young puppies is equally important and should go hand in hand with training in a controlled, positive and safe environment. As the late Dr. R.K. Anderson explains, the prime time for puppy socialization is as early as possible, from 6 weeks until 16 weeks (4 months).This is not to say socialization cannot occur after, but it does suggest that by waiting you could be putting your puppy at risk of developing social problems and fears.  So it is important to get your puppy started in training right away, and that is why we offer OPEN ENROLLMENT. No waiting, you join in and begin as soon as your puppy is ready and has had at least 2 of his puppy immunizations (distemper/parvo/bordetella)!  
Additionally, the puppy classes are held THREE TIMES A WEEK. That's right, you read that correctly! Classes are held three times a week, giving you ample opportunities for your puppy to learn both manners and appropriate socialization in a safe, controlled environment.
What will your puppy learn?
  • Basic obedience and manners to get your pup used to following your direction using positive reinforcement and rewards (we never use fear and intimidation!).

  • Overall problem solving that will make housebreaking easier and show your puppy what is and isn't acceptable behavior.

  • Impulse control exercises that prompt your puppy to make good choices.

  • Off-leash puppy to puppy interaction, play and critical dog-dog socialization and communication skills.

  • Appropriate games to play with your puppy that are both fun and educational.
Why include BOTH obedience and social learning?

We recommend a 2 month registration in our Puppy K/Socialization Program and then advancement to our Levels Program for further training.

Puppy K/Socialization Fee:

2 Months: $275.00 (That's an opportunity for a total of
24 classes for one economical price if you attend class all 3 times week during your time!)


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