Puppy Play Skool Enrichment Program

Firstly, let's talk about What is dog enrichment and why is it so important?

Enrichment means enabling your dog to participate in activities that allow them to express their natural and innate drives and instinct in a variety of constructive ways. These are often activities that engage their senses of sight, smell and touch, as well as providing outlets for them to do the things they love to do (but often are discouraged from doing) such as dig, chase, thrash/shred, sniff, etc. Including enrichment activities in your dog's daily life not only provides both mental and physical stimulation, but can also helps decrease boredom and destructive behavior. But most importantly, it's FUN and will add to your relationship. 

And that is why we are bringing back our Puppy Play Skool Enrichment Program!

What is The Puppy Play Skool Enrichment Program? 

The purpose of the Puppy Play Skool Enrichment Program is to : 

  • Expose puppies to new things, allowing them to build confidence
  • Social enrichment through interaction and play with other people and puppies
  • Introduction/Acclimation to a variety of equipment such as tunnels, wobble boards, balance disks, planks, spatial ladders, and yes, even a ball pit!
  • Exposure to different sounds, textures and smells
  • And most importantly  FUN!

Studies have shown that adding enrichment activities to your puppy's (or dog's) regular daily life will not only add fun and enjoyment, but will also give them an opportunity to participate in activities that come natural to them and bring them joy.

What your puppy needs in order to play:

  • Be between 12 weeks to 6 months old
  • Have at least two of his puppy boosters and the bordetella vaccine (kennel cough)
  • Completed veterinarian certificate signed by your veterinarian (below)
  • Completed, signed owner enrollment form (below)


Beginning February 21 - Sundays  4:00pm - 5:00 pm

This is a DROP-IN weekly class that you attend with your puppy. No long term obligation.

Cost: $20/session drop in for puppies currently enrolled in our classes and day programs; $30/session for others

For more information email us at info@pupniron.com


Enrollment form

Veterinary health certificate