"I've attended classes at Pup N Iron with both of my pugs, Otto and Sammie. Laurie Williams taught one class and Debbie O'Boyle taught the other. It was evident that both of these ladies knew a great deal about dogs. Almost immediately I could see changes in my dogs from techniques I learned in class. Also, the facility in which the classes were taught is amazing! Pup N Iron is very spacious, clean, and the padded floor is gentle on dog's feet. I recommend Pump N Iron to anyone I come across looking for fun things to do with their dogs (as they offer an array of training to suit various interests) or for those looking to modify their dog's behavior. I've personally never used the doggie daycare but friends of mine have and they rave about how much fun their dogs have there. Pump N Iron is a doggie facility like no other!  ~Monica Rosado & Her Pugs Sammie & Otto

 We first took our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Kenya, to Laurie's training facility a couple of years ago. Kenya was given to us by her breeder at 10 months of age because she had immune system problems and frequent infections. She had never been socialized, or even left the breeder's home (except to go to the vet). Kenya was extremely shy and frightened of everything. We enrolled her in a beginning agility class. I remember that she would hide under " Daddy's chair " at every opportunity during class. Laurie had confidence that Kenya could overcome her shyness. With Laurie's patient help, Kenya learned that she could tackle all of the obstacles on the agility course. It has improved her confidence immensely. Now, she is a registered therapy dog, has her CGC and two legs towards her C-RN. Training with Laurie and Brandy has really been a life altering experience for Kenya ( and us )!  ~Colleen and Glenn Faini

Photo by Denise Hilton
Both my dog, Cole and I so enjoy taking classes at Pup'N Iron. We both learned a lot about Rally, participated in the trials held at Pup'N Iron, and even earned our first Rally title here. I truly think that through Pup'N Iron Cole and I have forged a stronger relationship had we not gone to the classes. One of the nice added benefits of taking classes at Pup'N Iron, besides doing something really fun with your dog, are the great, wonderful, helpful people you meet.
~Beth Schroeder & Cole


Hi! My name is Melissa & I've been a Pup N Iron member for approximately one year. My favorite things about Pup N Iron are the people and the ammenities. In our classes there have always been a variety of people from new dog owners to seasoned competitors...but everyone is there to improve the relationship with their dogs through training. The people are friendly, upbeat, and always willing to help each other as best they can. This all-around support is present in the classroom setting as well as at events at different facilities, making the whole experience a pleasure. Also, I really enjoy having the opportunity to learn and do more to become the best pet-parent I can through workshops and equipment offered at Pup N Iron. I have a 130 lb mud & muck loving rottweiler, Othello, & don't know how we would've cohabitated through the winter without Pup N Scrub! The convenience of classes, workshops, trials, a treadmill, bath tub, and hydrotherapy pool all at one location makes Pup N Iron the most versatile training facility available & I really appreciate that! Hope to see you around! ~ Melissa & "Big O"


I joined PNI back in August, 2006 with my going on 2 year old black-tri Aussie, Foster. We have taken Obedience, Rally and Agility classes with Laurie and Diane. Since joining PNI we have started and finished our AKC Rally Novice title and our AKC Companion Dog Excellent title. Currently we are seeking those elusive Novice Agility titles! But I plan to get them before my year anniversary with PNI. I think that I would not have achieved such short time success without the access to PNI classes, run-thrus and the PNI staff's knowledge. I love PNI so much that it inspired me to add Logan to my family and my membership! He is another black-tri Aussie born in December. We are currently doing the Puppy I and II classes with hopes of being ready for Puppy Performance and Puppy Agility soon. Classes are great! The people are great! The facility is A++! And did I mention I love Pup-N-Scrub too?

:)Janet Douglass 


PNI staff has been very supportive and wonderful for me and my roxy thru all the classes we have taken. We started out with obedience training so I would have a well behaved Rottweiler; with some encouragement from the staff and some classmates Roxy and I have entered several rally trials with great success (most of the time).We have learned a lot thru all the training and our bond gets stronger with every class. Thank you Laurie and the staff of PNI. Sincerely, Petra Hobson
PS Woof,Woof From Roxy


 Laurie, I have had a great time taking the classes at pup 'N Iron. I know that it has helped me develop a great relationship with both Shelby and Stormy. And watching Shelby especially develop from a puppy to a 1 year old and learning at the same time has been awesome. Joan and I joke that we have replaced our two kids with the dogs, maybe that's closer to the truth than I want to admit. And don't even get me started on the apprenticeship program. I have really enjoyed that as well. These are the first two dogs that I have had that have had this much training, sorry I didn't do it sooner. ~Robert & Joan Spangler

 My name is Theresa and I am owned by three beautiful Shih-Tzu, Adrianne, Ali and Abby. I would just like to start off by saying THANK YOU LAURIE!! The owner of this wonderful place she calls Pup N' Iron! My girls and I love to train at PNI. The staff is very supportive and helpful. And the company is just out of this world. I can remember a couple of years ago when I first met Laurie. I had went into Petsmart to sign my new 8 week old puppy up for a Puppy Class.....guess who the instructor was??? You guessed it, it was Laurie. Adrainne and I took a few classes with Laurie until one day she decided to make her dream come true. And not only did she make a dream come true for herself she did so for many others. I for one am so grateful to be apart of such wonderful group of people. They give you confidence and so much support. Both Adrianne and Ali have graduated from many classes at PNI. From Puppy class to Agility and our favorite RALLY-O!! Adrianne and Ali both received there CGC and TDI certification at PNI. Adrianne has competed in Rally and earned several Titles in the last year and Ali is on her way hopefully to follow in her foot steps. Abby is in her second puppy class. And at 7 months old, she is doing great! Pup N' Iron offers so much for the dog owners/lovers. There is something for everyone! Hope to see you there!!  ~Sincerely, Theresa and Shih-Three!!

First of all, I too want to thank Laurie for creating such a wonderful facility for dogs and their owners. My Name is Tara and I've been a member of Pup 'N Iron for just over a year. When I joined my dog was only 4 months old. After enrolling in Pup 'N Iron I decided that this, my third Labrador Retriever, would one day become a therapy dog. The different classes offered made training Fluke very easy and fun. As he got older, Laurie suggested that we try a Rally-O class. Having only a puppy, a Labrador Retriever puppy, I knew that we would have a long road ahead of us. Once we started, I was amazed at the support that was given from Laurie, her staff and the many friends that we had made here at Pup 'N Iron. I know that Fluke enjoys coming to Pup 'N Iron, he knows that when we "Go to Work" that means seeing all of his wonderful friends. I look forward working with Laurie and her Staff as we continue to both grow as a team in creating a competitive Rally-O dog and eventually one great therapy Dog. Thanks Again, Tara and Fluke

Diesel and I started at Pup'N Iron because we needed a place that could focus on competitive obedience. We had taken a class at another training facility in Fredericksburg, and it was simply not meeting our needs. As part of Diesel's ownership contract, we are required to obtain a Companion Dog title so we really need a facility with the experience and classes to help accomplish that. Along the way, we have also taken agility and rally classes to broaden our horizons. Diesel LOVES going to class and being able to work and socialize. I have been so impressed with the facility and the knowledgeable staff, specifically Laurie Williams. She is always willing to answer my questions, no matter how basic or innane. The wide-range of services, activities, seminars and products offered is unparallel in the area. The value received far exceeds the money put forth. Once Diesel and I have title in hand, it will be largely due to Laurie and Pup'N Iron.
Christie Tompkins & Asgard's Iron Man "Diesel"