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The first thing we want you to know is that you're not alone! The second thing we  want you to know is HELP IS AVAILABLE! Private one-on-one behavior consultation can help you identify the source and implement a proactive plan. Pup 'N Iron Canine Enrichment Center™ offers individualized one-on-one behavior treatment plans and behavior modification programs to address specific behavior problems not addressed in regular obedience and manners classes. Rather than merely suppressing the behavior with aversive tools such as e-collars (electric stimulation), prong collars, corrections and punishment, we utilize science-based methods and follow the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's recommended protocol of first addressing the emotional state and environmental conditions driving the undesirable behavior, then implement techniques to teach and reinforce alternate acceptable behaviors, build confidence and improve the human/animal relationship.

Our behavior department is under the direction of Laurie C. Williams CPDT-KA CCUI CDTI. Read Laurie's bio here.

Initial Virtual Consultation via Zoom - Initial consultations, which involves in depth gathering of a full history and review of manifestations of the behavior issue are conducted virtually via Zoom by Laurie C. Williams BA CCUI FFC Dog Behavior Consultant. Virtual sessions, in which the dog is not present and the client can be relaxed in their own home, and not tasked with managing the dog affords both client and consultant a much more thorough and valuable experience. It also offers clients more flexibility and convenience. The initial virtual consultation is FREE and included with the purchase of a 6 or 8 week package. As a stand alone session, the fee is  $150 and must be paid in advance.

8 Week Behavior Modification Program - $975

Includes initial assessment, diagnosis, and protocol development then follow-up behavior modification sessions working on your dog's specific behavior issue(s)

Phone Consultations - Have questions about your dog's behavior? Are you at a loss of helping him through some issues? We'd be happy to discuss it. Contact us a to arrange for a one-hour phone consultation with our Director of Training and Behavior, Laurie C. Williams CPDT-KA. We look forward to talking with you soon.

Fee: $50.00 - 30 minutes



For those of you with busy schedules, we offer one on one private basic manners training. Sessions can be scheduled throughout the day at your convenience.

Fee: $799 for 6 1- hour sessions

Behavior Consultation Policies (PLEASE READ)

All training packages must be paid in full before the start of the first session. Weekly behavior consultations must be pre-scheduled at the most convenient times for both owner/handler and trainer. Sessions may be scheduled from week to week, however the best way to ensure trainer availability is to set up standing appointments for the same day and time each week. Pre-scheduled sessions may be rescheduled but if not done so with at least 24 hours notice, payment for that session will be forfeited. If for any reason you are unable to complete your pre-paid package, a prorated refund may be requested, minus the number of sessions completed charged at the single session rate ($150/hr.).