Flexible Training Orientation Information

*Remember you are registering for a block of TIME (2 mo or 4 mo), not a certain number of classes. You are allotted up to 3 classes per week but it is yourresponsibility to get to and attend as many of those as you can. Your time starts when you attend your first class.*

 If you will be away for an extended length of time (1 week or more), if you notify us in writing of the dates in advance, we can momentarily “freeze” your time until your return, however there will be no crediting back time for missed weeks after the fact.

 Additional Information:

 1. All dogs must remain on leash AT ALL TIMES, and under no circumstances are dogs allowed to meet nose to nose unless approved by the instructor. 

2. Please bring a regular 6ft leash made of nylon, cotton or leather. No flexible or retractable leashes.

3. Bring LOTS of soft, high value treats. Avoid treats that take a long time to chew or are crunchy and crumbly. Then your dog spends more time trying to eat crumbs off the floor than paying attention to you 

4. Put your treats in a treat bag that you can wear around your waist or clipped to you pants or belt. Avoid carrying treats in baggies or plastic containers.

5. Wear comfortable closed toe shoes. Please no flip flops, clogs, slides or sandals with out a back strap.

6. Bring a mat to lay on the ground for “place” and  mat training.

7. Additionally, we strongly encourage you to join our mailing list. We use this list to communicate with all our clients regarding updates, special events and in the event of any emergency cancellations or closings. This is especially important during these winter months when we might be affected by inclement weather. You can join by going to our website

(http://www.pupniron.com) and scrolling to the bottom of the home page. You will see a place for you to enter your email address. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

8. Lastly, this should go without saying, but if you are sick or feeling under the weather OR HAVE COME IN CONTACT WITH SOMEONE WHO TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID, Whether you are vaccinated or have immunities or not, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO CLASS!!!We feel very fortunate to still be able to offer these group classes and have fun with our dogs, but the safety and wellness of all of us needs to be the first priority.

 Please let me know if you have any additional questions. See you soon!