Intro to Dog Sports - Starting Saturday January 9 - 9:15AM 

This new and exciting 6-week class is for anyone who wants to learn more about dog sports! Dog sports are FUN and this class is the sure thing to get your and your dog out of the winter doldrums! It also promotes team work between you and your dog and teaches you more fun things you can even do with your dog at home in your own backyard! Pre-requisite: Dogs should have completed up to an intermediate level in basic dog obedience and manners. A solid recall is a must!

  • Learn the art of shaping where the dog thinks and is more involved in the games we play
  • Learn tricks for foundation skills in rally obedience, agility, and scent games
  • Wellness fitness and conditioning games will show the dog proprioception, etc.

Fee: $175 for the entire 6 week class




Therapy Dog Team Training Prep - next class TBD

There are few things more rewarding than making others' feel better and bringing smiles to their faces in times of adversity. That is one of the many things a therapy dog team can do. Does your dog love people and has completed up to an intermediate level in basic obedience and manners skills? This comprehensive 6 week class includes activities that will prepare both you and your dog with the skills and knowledge for involvement with animal-assisted therapy programs. The class is designed to prepare you to take a therapy team certification test. Are you and your dog up for the challenge?

Fee: $175 for the full 6 week class