This is the first time this innovative training option has been offered in the Stafford/Fredericksburg area.  What makes our training program different than any other in the Stafford/Fredericksburg area?  Well, in most training classes, you attend class once a week for 6 or 8 weeks on the same day and at the same time.  If you miss a class, too bad, the class keeps moving on.  Then you have to find a way to do a make-up, and ultimately your and your dog fall behind and, most importantly LOSE MONEY.  You have to wait until a class session starts, and sometimes that can take several weeks or even months, while you and your dog miss out on the opportunity to get started when you are ready. Our Flex Training Program has open enrollment and there are no worries about ever missing a class or falling behind!  You are give 3, yes THREE opportunities each week to attend class in your level!  That's right, each level class is offered 3 times a week, allowing you time and the flexibility you need.  You and your dog will have the comfort to work at your own pace and advance through the levels in your own time.  No money is wasted.  No time is wasted.  It's a WIN/WIN for both you and your dog!  And, guess what?  If you have the time, you can attend class ALL THREE days it is offered weekly?  That's right, instead of only once a week, in our Flex Training Program you could attend class THREE nights a week.  It is our goal to provide the best chance and opportunity for you and your dog to progress and master the skills!  Our program just cannot be beaten!

Advantages of Flexible Training
  • Open Enrollment - Start whenever you're ready!
  • Work at your own pace!
  • Attend class at your level as many times a week as you want!
  • Never "miss" a class again!
Our Flexible Training Program fees are paid on a 2, 4 and 6 month membership fee schedule.  Once you attend your first class, your membership time starts and will expire at the end of your time period.  Each Level class is held three times a week, and YES, this means within your time membership you may and are ecouraged to attend class all three times a week if your schedule allows!  This will give you the most for your money and your dog will reap the benefits of more opportunities for consistent training and feedback from our great instructors.

Who this is for: All dogs 5 months and older (for younger puppies, see our Puppy Kindergarten and Socialization Program below) will start in Level 1, but once your dog can demonstrate he or she has mastered the skills and criteria for that level, he or she can advance to the next.  All dogs must be current on their immunizations (Distemper/Parvovirus, Bordetella (Kennel cough) and rabies).  We do accept titers.

Level 1 Skills - Introduction to Basic Manners (Sit, Down, Stay, Come When Called, Intro to Loose Leash Walking, Leave It, Wait at the Door); Impulse Control; Social Skills and Etiquette

Level 2 Skills - Intermediate Manners (Continuation of Loose Leash Walking, Introduction to Clicker Training, Practical Application of Basic Skills)

Level 3 Skills - AKC Canine Good Citizen Preparation & Testing

Level 4 Skills - Off leash Training; Introduction to Dog Sports (Doggie Gym, Agility jumps and tunnels, Nose Games, Beginning Rally Obedience
Flexible Training Fee Schedule

2 Months - $275 (An opportunity to attend up to 24 classes if you come 3 x week!)
4 Months - $425 (An opportunity to attend up to 48 classes if you come  3 x week! )
6 Months - $695 (An opportunity to attend up to 
72 classes if you come 3 x week!)

Have more than one dog you need to train?  Additional dogs from the same owner can be added to your training plan at a substantial discount!  You can bring both to the same class or bring them on different days - your choice!

You just can't beat these prices or quality of training you and your dog will receive.


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What does your dog do during the day while you're at work?  Pup 'N Iron offers MORE than just daycare!

Day School Training Academy
At long last we've designed a training program to fit the needs of that acive, busy family on the go! Now you can get a better behaved, well mannered and socialized dog in the quickest, most efficient manner. Rather than leaving him sitting idly at home during the day while you work, enroll him in our Day School Canine Training Academy where he will receive private instruction from our top notch trainers, designed to fit your specific needs and training toals.

Your dog will receive:

Individual training sessions in basic manners, Canine Good Citizen Prep, and even dog sports like agility, rally obedience, flyball, treiball, K9 Nose Games, etc

Trouble shooting and concentrated behavior modification for specific behavior issues/problems

Supervised and Managed small group play/socialization sessions

Structured exercise either in our state of the art pool or on our Jog A Dog Treadmill

Therapeutic Rest and Recovery Periods

Additionally, as part of your dog's training program you will receive a daily training report and a weekly video outlining your dog's accomplishments so that you can continue the program at home!

Start the New Year off on the right paw and enroll your dog today!  Click here for more information and an application.


Jump Start - Stay & Learn Residential Program
We understand that today's pet parents are busy people, commuting to work every day, chauffering kids to and from soccer practice, and attending Parent/Teacher conferences in the evening doesn't always allow time for group classes and or consistent training at home.  To respond to this need we have created our Jump Start - Stay & Learn Residential Training Program just for today's busy pet parent.  We don't want time constraints to prevent you from having the well behaved dog you want. 

The program begins with a comprehensive consultation where together we come up with reasonable training goals for your pet.  Then your dog will stay & learn with us at our campus for 3 weeks, while we lay the foundation for good manners and basic obedience skills: Sit, Stay, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Down, Off, Leave it, and Wait.  Your dog will work with a trainer both indoors and outdoors in multiple sessions throughout the day and will go on daily field trips to area shopping centers, downtown Fredericksburg, and local parks.  Additionally, if appropriate, your dog will also be socialized with other dogs, enjoy playtime in our doggie daycare, plus participate in a customized fitness plan that includes daily exercise (treadmill training and/or swimming) and optimum nutrition.  Upon completion of this phase, you will receive your 2nd in-your-home private consultation where you will be briefed on how to maintain and build on the behaviors your dog has learned.  Because it is imperative that you establish the same relationship with your dog that we've been able to cultivate, participants in our Jump Start - Stay & Learn Training Program should view this as an open ended program.  All graduates may attend our Flexible Training Program FREE OF CHARGE for a year.

Dogs must be 4 months of age or older and be current on immunizations (DHLPP/Rabies/Bordatella). 
Email for prices and/or more information.