Social Learning

Pup 'N Iron™ Dog Day School & Social Learning Program
The Fredericksburg/Stafford/Spotsy's PREMIER Dog Day Program facility for dogs


We know it's tough for pet parents to leave your loved ones at home alone with little or no social interaction or activity.  For you, we offer Pup 'N Iron™ Dog Day Care and Social Learning Program .... the area's premier professional training and social learning facility, managed by professional dog trainers and behavior specialists.  Here your dog will not only have room to play and interact with his canine friends in our state-of-the-art facility - the only one of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic region, but will be able to enjoy a variety of educational and fitness activities throughout the day as well.  Our floors are covered wall to wall with 3/4" sports matting to protect your dogs feet and decrease the chance of injury from slips and falls.  Here you will have peace of mind while your dog has the opportunity for professionally supervised, safe and positive dog-to-dog and human interaction, exercise and fitness with long walks and our Jog-A-Dog treadmill designed specifically for dogs. Make no bones about it.... our day/play/fit care is NOT "no frills."  To the contrary we offer frills, frills and more frills for the discriminating pet parent who wants the very best for his/her!  Bar none, Pup 'N Iron is the Fredericksburg area's most innovative dog training facility

We are not your average "dog day care?"


When you hear the term, "dog day care," many will envision a place for their dogs to socialize and play with other dogs.  Who wouldn't want that for their dog?  That's why the concept has significantly gown in popularity over the past 15 years, prompting many pet related businesses such as boarding, grooming salons and even veterinarian offices to add it to their list of client services as a means to generate additional revenue.  Additionally, quite a few national franchises have popped up allowing people with little or no dog training and behavior experience to pay a franchise fee and voile, open up an instant dog daycare!  However, off leash dog play is not something to be taken lightly.  Running a safe and effective dog daycare takes extensive knowledge in canine behavior and animal husbandry.  This knowledge can only come from years of hands on experience working with and training dogs in a professional capacity.  And that is what you will get at Pup 'N Iron.  We take dog to dog interaction seriously, with over 30 years of canine behavior and training experience and a wealth of knowledge and study in canine pack structure and instinct behind it*.  Our dog day care is managed by CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINERS at all times!  It is my goal to offer the absolute safest and most effective environment not only to "house" dogs while their owners are at work, but to provide them with continual opportunities to learn and grow.  Here, dogs are supervised closely, good behavior and positive manners between the dogs are encouraged, and the environment in which the dogs interact is always highly controlled and managed.  

*Pup 'N Iron's dog day school and training academy is run under the direction and supervision of Laurie Williams  CPDT-KA, a nationally recognized trainer and dog behavior counselor and former VP and board member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (the largest professional pet training organization in the world).   Laurie implements her extensive experience working directly with dogs and studying canine behavior and pack instinct.  Our doggie daycare isn't an after thought.  It's a top priority!




Hours: 6:00am - 7:00pm

  • Participation and Completion of a minimum of Phase I in our Day School Training Academy 
  • 12 weeks old and up - All Puppies must have had at least 2 of their Distemper/Parvo Boosters and a bordetella vaccination.
  • Free of any communicable disease - Completed Health Certification from your Veterinarian Required Prior to First Visit
  • Proof of current on vaccinations. Distemper and Parvo within past 12 months. Bordetella within past year (Titers Tests are acceptable).
  • Free of fleas and ticks.  Following a veterinarian approved flea preventative regimen preferred. (Frontline, Advantage, Revolution, etc.)
  • Minimum Commitment - At Pup 'N Iron it is our goal to provide the absolute safest and best environment for your dog to play in. Dogs do better when they are in a predictable, familiar environment and surroundings. We have found that dogs thrive together when they have acclimated into the pack, are familiar with each other's play style, and know the routine. This ensures a low stress, positive experience. Therefore we require a minimum commitment of two days per week for all our daycare and academy dogs. Sporadic drop-ins are strongly discouraged.